Multi-Use Rainwater Collection

  • retrofit: Rain Collecting Cap
  • Cedar Rain Bench update
  • the natural way to harvest rain...
  • creative outdoor living designs
  • Self watering square foot garden
     130 gallon rainwater reservoir automatically waters your garden from below, fills from rain
  • the WaterShed
     A garden shed with rainwater storage built into the walls
  • cedar rain bench
     an example of how nice rain water harvesting can look... 260 gallons of useful (seating), beautiful (cedar) multi-use landscape elements
  • small space gardening

Tanks for storing water, and wha? -it’s a bench! Bonus!!

That’s right.  Now you can easily catch and store your rainwater -Without barrels…

How do you make a bench hold water?

Simple.  Use a bladder that allows you to create your own rainwater collection system inside whatever multi-use structure you want.

You’ll find different designs and techniques that expand upon this simple idea scattered throughout this site.  (sorry, we’re still working on organizing it for you!)

These range from simple seats to garden sheds to self watering gardens, all of which we have been selling, building and using for over 6 years now and are sharing here with you now.

Hey, We’re gonna be on the TV!

Yep, little ole us, on national TV.  And the show and location could not be more perfect.  It’s called Tiny House Nation, about 2 guys, John and Zack, who travel around the country building Tiny Houses (homes under 500 sf) for these awesome people, and coming up with some pretty fantastic ideas for small spaces and simple efficient living.  We LOVE that show!

just click here  or on the rain bench below for plans to build this 600 gallon cedar bench as (soon to be) seen on the TV show Tiny House Nation, for a build in L.A…

Yes.  it's like a big huge water tank that you can sit on.

Yes. it’s like a big huge water tank that you can sit on.  Pretty cool?  Thanks! ;)  We think so, too!

Much of this rainwater collection system is paid for by California water incentives, so guess what that means?  You get a seriously cheap, beautiful, functional Cedar Rain Bench®!

when one barrel just isn’t enough…

(turn DOWN your sound if you’re trying to be discrete!)

Nothing against rain barrels, they’re just not as easy to sit on…

“Wait a minute,” you say,”Why harvest rainwater?

1. it’s free.  Use as much of it as you want.  (unless it’s illegal, then make sure it’s well hidden ;)  Did I type that out loud?

2. it’s easy.siennapuppy

3. your city or county will probably pay you to do it.

4. if your well pump or public supply is lost, you still have water.

5. it’s soft, good for washing and appliances (with filtration)

I washed my 10 year old dog with rainwater…

Ok, that was 9 years ago– it’s not the fountain of youth, but she appreciated the warm rainwater vs. a cold hose! (and with what she rolls in, sometimes the bath tub is NOT an option…)

6.  Plants grow better with rainwater.  Way better.

a nice addition to any garden

rain bench in the garden

Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use care when storing rainwater on a deck.  It must be strong enough to hold a hot tub; water weighs a lot!

So after about 6 years of testing, perfecting and proving our DIY Rain Bench® kits, we are updating this site and adding a plethora of new designs in winter/spring 2015, so check back in, and feel free to mosey around a bit.  Give us a call or email (contact page) if you have any questions at all…

and Have a Great Year!!


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