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     130 gallon rainwater reservoir automatically waters your garden from below, fills from rain http://secondrain.com/2011/03/self-watering-garden-2-0/
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     A garden shed with rainwater storage built into the walls http://secondrain.com/2011/03/watershed/
  • cedar rain bench
     an example of how nice rain water harvesting can look... 260 gallons of useful (seating), beautiful (cedar) multi-use landscape elements http://www.secondrain.com/2011/01/cedar-rain-bench/
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If you haven’t heard of us, here is second Rain in a nutshell:

C’mon you had to see that coming…   But really, the “who we are” is pretty simple:

#1:   We are a small, family owned company in Wisconsin, USA that has made it our mission to simply explore and promote self-sufficient living.  Our experience is designing with water, plants and outdoor living spaces.

#2:   Our tendency to give away ideas comes from our history of service and rural Wisconsin roots.  To make a long story short, put an eco-conscious do-it-yourself-er in charge of product development and, well, you get a DIY product.  You also get a pretty good solution to some problems…

#3:   The problem:  there seems to be a growing water crisis in America that stems from increased pumping of groundwater combined with development that limits groundwater recharge.  All details and evidence aside lead to these basics:

  • the cost of our cities trying to handle it is astronomical, and we will wind up paying the bill
  • everyone doing something small on a household level is the only logical and cost-effective way to really solve the problem
  • the current standard being promoted is the rain barrel, which, despite its attractive outward appearance  ;-), is grossly undersized by itself.

if you know design, you know what i’m talking about…

rain-storing planters and seating

#4   the solution:   do the job of many rain barrels, without the eyesore or need for digging up your yard– on the contrary, use products that enhance the living space, not only aesthetically but functionally, too..

  • ..make it into a kit that is easy (i.e. cheaper) to ship, customizable, scalable, fits in small spaces and supports local economies, regardless of location.
  • ..make this kit simple enough to make one garden ‘rain bench’™, and versatile enough to create entire outdoor spaces that can store THOUSANDS of gallons of rainwater, above ground and completely hidden.

parts of a do-it-yourself RainBench kitthus the RainBench™ DIY kit was born.  The rest of the designs and installations on this site are just variations on that one product.

We are designing more options into every project, and constantly improving it.  So look around, learn about the possibilities, subscribe and check back for new stuff!

make it permeable.

That’s right.  Allowing rainwater to go down into the ground is the most natural, permaculture-esque form of rainwater harvesting.  And you don’t have to have a rain garden to do it.

a permeable patio

A simple change in basic materials, at no extra cost, can make your patio permeable.  The one pictured to the right uses standard Holland pavers that were pulled up and reused, set on a base of ‘clear’ stone (shown below)

permeable base of clear gravel

All finished, this patio can now retain up to 1,500 gallons  just under the pavers..

And what better place to put a rain bench or seat than on a permeable patio?

So make it permeable.  The surrounding plants will love it.

and if you have 2 mintues, check out this video showing how well it works on a bluestone patio

Grilling on the Rain...

 The new Cedar Rain Bench is here!  Stay tuned for downloadable instructions…  coming soon!

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