Integrated Rainwater Harvesting

  • Eco-Patio | Recycled Plastic Chairs
     recycled local waste, designed and built by local craftsman
  • It's Raining... compost?
  • Cedar Rain Bench update
  • the natural way to harvest rain...
  • creative outdoor living designs
  • Self watering square foot garden
     130 gallon rainwater reservoir automatically waters your garden from below, fills from rain
  • the WaterShed
     A garden shed with rainwater storage built into the walls
  • Door County RainBench

Now available:  Plans for this 300 or 600 gallon Cedar “Rain Bench”

just click here  or on the rain bench below…

Yes.  it's like a big huge water tank that you can sit on.

Yes. it’s like a big huge water tank that you can sit on.  Cool?  We think so, too!

How does it work?

Simply:  It’s a custom bladder that allows you to create your own rainwater storage inside whatever multi-use structure you want.  We have found the most convenient to be a “rain bench” and have come up with a few designs and techniques you’ll find scattered throughout this site.  (sorry, we’re still working on it!)

These range from simple seats to garden sheds to self watering gardens, which we have built and used over the past 6 years or so and are sharing here with anyone who wants to save a little (or a lot of) water and has a little DIY carpentry knowledge.

when one barrel just isn’t enough…

(turn DOWN your sound if you’re trying to be discrete!)

another reason not to direct-fill...

a fairy ice skating rink?  well done.

Nothing against rain barrels, they’re just not as easy to sit on…

Random Rainwater Harvesting TIP #83:

Use a diverter that can easily be winterized in colder climates.  I have used quite a few, and most are pretty good.  Here’s the best one I found for the value:

and here’s why:

1. It’s big enough to use on oversized residential and 4″x4″ commercial downspouts

2. It has a filter

3. It diverts about 99% of rain to where you want it to go

4.  It’s easy to winterize, just remove the filter handles (they are rubber stoppers), and put them in the 2 outlet openings.  Done.  No more searching for those plugs every autumn!

“Wait a minute,” you say,”Why harvest rainwater?

1. it’s free.  Use as much of it as you want.  (unless it’s illegal, then make sure it’s well hidden ;)  Did I type that out loud?

2. it’s easy.siennapuppy

3. your city or county will probably pay you to do it.

4. if your well pump or public supply is lost, you still have water.

5. it’s soft, good for washing and appliances (with filtration)

I washed my 9 year old dog with rainwater…

Ok, that was 9 years ago, it’s not the fountain of youth, but she appreciated the warm rainwater vs. a cold hose! (and what she rolls in sometimes the bath tub is NOT an option…)

6.  Plants grow better with rainwater.  Way better.

a nice addition to any garden

rain bench in the garden

Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use care when storing rainwater on a deck.  It must be strong enough to hold a hot tub; water weighs a lot!

So after about 6 years of testing, perfecting and proving our DIY Rain Bench® kits, we are updating this site and adding a plethora of new designs in winter/spring 2015, so check back in, and feel free to mosey around a bit.  Give us a call or email (contact page) if you have any questions at all…

and Have a Great Year!!


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