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We like Win/ Wins.

Tiny House Second RainLike making functional outdoor living (benches) capable of storing rainwater.  Lots of rainwater.

This TV show liked it, too.  The guys at Tiny House Nation were able to store 600 gallons of rainwater inside a couple of cedar benches by using our design, and our custom heavy duty liners.

Why?  Because the homeowner was going off-grid in a Tiny House and she thought, “Why just have barrels or tanks when you can ALSO have a nice outdoor seating area…

…at the same time.
cedar600gL2openclearHow could it work for you?  What if…

  1. You grab a couple kits, follow the instructions to build the above Cedar Rain Benches, then fill ’em up with the next 1″ of rain,*
  2. Water your 10’x10′ garden with it for 2 months without ANY rain whatsoever.*
  3. You now have equal to 11 rain barrels (without the barrels) AND some beautiful outdoor seating!

* a 25′ x 40′ house with the above Rain Benches, will fill 2 Cedar Rain Benches with 600 gallons from a 1″ rainfall. Then apply 1″ of water per week to your garden, gravity fed from those benches, at 10 gallons/day for 60 days.

When did your city ever help you pay for your patio seating?

Imagine having a new beautiful outdoor living space that your own city just bought for you.  Here are just a few of the growing number of water rebates available:   Limited Time, Rebates = Free Rain Benches!

65 gallon, 3' RainBenchWoodwardBenchFor example, Southern California’s Water$mart rebates would almost entirely pay for 2 standard Rain Bench® DIY kits (includes 65 gallon or 140 gallon rain bench plans) AND the lumber to build them (about $160 total for kits from us and $180 lumber purchased locally, so $340 for 280 gallons).  The rebate is worth up to $300.  Then just follow the instructions in the kits and…

…that’s how you get 280 gallons of rainwater inside 2 beautiful cedar benches, all for $40.

Watch a time lapse of Scott building a 65 gallon bench with 1 sheet of plywood (less than a minute…)

The above bench is T1-11 plywood.  This is probably least expensive next to scrap lumber. Cedar benches may cost more, but you don’t have to seal them and hey, it’s cedar.  Recycled plastic?  Even better.  It’ll never rot.  Bottom line: you get what you pay for.

Note:  I have been informed that cedar is hard to find in some areas, so regular or treated will work instead, you just have to stain and seal them inside and out.

Why is all this stuff DIY?

Because it’s pretty simple and we think shipping tons of materials all over the country is unnecessary when you can do it with stuff in your own backyard.  And if you can’t do it yourself, chances are you know or could hire someone to build this for you…

We can ship ready to assemble kits by request, but getting local materials will save you big $$.

Click here to learn more about the Cedar Rain Bench® on Tiny House Nation

 …when one barrel just isn’t enough

(turn DOWN your sound if you’re trying to be discrete!)

Nothing against rain barrels, they’re just not as easy to sit on…

“Wait a minute,” you say,”Why should I save rainwater?

1. it’s free.  Use as much of it as you want.  (unless it’s illegal, then make sure it’s well hidden 😉  Did I type that out loud?

2. it’s easy.siennapuppy

3. your city or county will probably pay you to do it.

4. if your well pump or public supply is lost, you still have water.

5. it’s soft, good for washing and appliances (with filtration)

Do it for Sienna.  She loves rainwater baths.

6.  Plants grow better with rainwater.  Way better.

a nice addition to any garden

Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use care when storing rainwater on a deck.  It must be strong enough to hold a hot tub; water weighs a lot!

So after years of testing, tweaking and proving our DIY Rain Bench® kits, we are updating this site and adding a plethora of new designs in spring, so check back in, and feel free to mosey around a bit.  Give us a call or email (contact page) if you have any questions at all…

Ready to Get Started?


Depending on where you are in the process of saving rain, you may want to just poke around, check out some blog posts, or head straight to the store and see what kind of kits we put together for your rainwater harvesting adventure…